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kraKero offers web design & hosting at affordable prices for all types of customers.
Whether you have a design in mind, or need some help, we're up to the task.

Web Design

Whether we are taking your design or presenting one crafted by us we'll build a site you and your customers can be proud of.


A long time popular blogging platform, Wordpress has become a easy to use framework for beautiful business websites. We use Wordpress often to allow our customers a easy editing and updating experience.


Sometimes you just need something a little simpler. If you don't have much content and don't plan on changing things HTML & CSS might be the way to go. We've coded a lot of HTML and CSS and can make a site that is perfect for your use case. This site is built using HTML & CSS.


After years of working with other hosting providers we decided to provide a better experience. No more calling some 800 number and talking to someone halfway across the world. If you have issues you know the person you're calling and we work to resolve issues as fast as possible.

We strive to make our hosting affordable to everyone, while still providing important services like weekly backups & a personal touch.

Custom Applications

Got a great idea for a web application? Need something built to help your business run better? Let us help you bring it to life.


Our preferred framework to use is Laravel. Laravel allows us to quickly start building applications due to the many features it has. This site is built using Laravel.



We often use Twitter's Bootstrap UI design to quick get websites up and running. Though a lot of sites use bootstrap we still feel it's the fastest way to a clean presentable user interface.


Our preferred frontend is VueJS. VueJS is loaded with tons of binding features that help populate content on the page quickly and easily to ensure the content is up to date with the data available.

Tailwind CSS

We've started toying with another framework called Tailwind. It's pretty new to the scene but seems to be growing quickly. This site is built using Tailwind.

Are you ready to get started on your big project?
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